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Structuring Payoffs

The Asil team have experience in various aspects of commodities markets. These include:

  • Trading vanilla swaps and options in large sizes on energy, industrial metals, precious metals and agricultural commodities with oil producers, sugar producers, food processing companies, airlines, miners, cable manufacturers and banks in Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • Structuring and trading exotic payoffs on single commodities, multi-sector commodity baskets, and hybrid baskets of underlyings including target profit structures, KIKOs, autocallables, reverse convertibles and varswaps with corporates including airlines, oil producers, insurers, sovereign wealth funds, asset managers and structured investment product distributors. These were traded in all formats including swaps, warrants, and certificates / notes.
  • Structured beta, alpha and factor-based indices on single commodity sector underlyings as well as multi-sector commodity baskets. Structured and traded index exotics to match specific client liabilities profiles or yield expectations, wrapped in all formats ranging from swaps, to warrants, certificates, notes and funds. Clients ranged from banks to corporates to insurers.
  • Syndicating junior miner lending risk to investors.

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