Unparalleled Access

Structured Credit Trading

ASIL Partners is one of the leading European dealers that has access to US assets from its European client base. Our focus within the Asset Backed Securities space remains in US Non-Agency / Subprime RMBS Securities, ABS CDOs, Trust Preferred CDOs CLOs, CMBS. We also trade European CLOs, CMBS securities and UK Non-conforming RMBS securities. Our unique trading expertise includes CLNs and Synthetic CDOs as well as Credit Default Swaps.

Client Relationship

ASIL Partners has a vast network of relationships in the structured credit market. Over the past five years, ASIL has traded several billion dollar notionals of asset backed securities with clients ranging from hedge funds, asset managers, legacy portfolios of large investment banks to Insurance companies and Pension plans.

Client Focus

The ASIL team continues to provide access to several Mortgage Backed Securities, corporate debt and other high yielding investment products to our clients. Our sales and trading team continually interacts with our clients to understand their current market positioning and only offers them products that are relevant to their current investment strategy.

Trade Execution

ASIL Partners can act as your agent to find best execution for your credit securities. Several institutional clients rely on our transparency, access and execution capabilities to offer securities through us on an exclusive basis.

ASIL Partners also provides BWIC and OWIC execution services for the clients that allow them to access secondary market liquidity without identifying themselves using our large client base as well as access to almost all major dealers. Synthetic instruments including Credit Default Swaps on ABS are traded at the best execution levels on a name give-up basis.

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